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The little man drew from one sleeve a small stick, looking as though he had pulled it from a bush to scrape his teeth on his way over, and dragged it along the ground in a circle around me. As he completed the circle he spat on the joining and straightened again.

I grew alarmed as he drew a small knife from somewhere or other, but he only cut his own finger and splashed a few drops on to the dust. "Now, creature," he said, looking me in the eyes at last. "Simply walk over my circle, return to your home, prove me wrong, and we shall trouble you no more."]]>
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The little man drew from one sleeve a small stick, looking as though he had pulled it from a bush to scrape his teeth on his way over, and dragged it along the ground in a circle around me. As he completed the circle he spat on the joining and straightened again.

I grew alarmed as he drew a small knife from somewhere or other, but he only cut his own finger and splashed a few drops on to the dust. "Now, creature," he said, looking me in the eyes at last. "Simply walk over my circle, return to your home, prove me wrong, and we shall trouble you no more."]]>
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The little man drew from one sleeve a small stick, looking as though he had pulled it from a bush to scrape his teeth on his way over, and dragged it along the ground in a circle around me. As he completed the circle he spat on the joining and straightened again.

I grew alarmed as he drew a small knife from somewhere or other, but he only cut his own finger and splashed a few drops on to the dust. "Now, creature," he said, looking me in the eyes at last. "Simply walk over my circle, return to your home, prove me wrong, and we shall trouble you no more."]]>
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I grew alarmed as he drew a small knife from somewhere or other, but he only cut his own finger and splashed a few drops on to the dust. "Now, creature," he said, looking me in the eyes at last. "Simply walk over my circle, return to your home, prove me wrong, and we shall trouble you no more."]]>
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